Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Be sure to check out the new features on this site!

We have been working hard on the logistics of Bloggers Bake for Hope! Details have been ironed out and we've even had a few people register to bake already!

Be sure to check out the newly populated FAQ for any questions you might have.

The Items for Sale page shows a listing of the baked goods already committed to Bloggers Bake for Hope. When the bake sale is live, you will be able to click on an item to bid on it!

If you're interested in baking, please submit this form. If you have already registered to bake, feel free to help spread the word by using one of the badges we have for Bloggers Bake for Hope.


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Thank you for participating in Bloggers Bake for Hope. By commenting on this post, you are agreeing to make a donation in return for the baked goods. Please make sure that your email address is indicated in your comment as well.